Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Christian Book Reviewers, Meeting 1

On our "journey toward holiness," we carried the love of Jesus Christ in our hearts, and eagerness to broaden our fellowship. Bradley opened the meeting with a request for input on the book's theme, and several responses ranging from “He boils it down to being black and white, emptying of self… letting God humble us,” to comments focusing on the humility of Christ, and the utter despair and hopelessness of self-generated humility followed.

Eventually, we each asked of the reviewing group (6 total) 1 question. Crystal’s question regarding recognizing humility’s role in revealing our “nothingness” drew some of the most interesting comments. Then we discussed how humility becomes us as creatures, sinners and saints.

The various teas and coffees, warm friendly atmosphere at the Fair Grinds Coffee House, and random comments about "cloning" a mascot wearing a SUPERMAN Suit, made the evening all the more enjoyable. We closed with prayer and it was not awkward.

Notably, a few other patrons, seemed interested in what Arthur Murray had to say, too, or maybe they were just curious about our fellowship. In either case, it's our hope that whomever's interested would feel comfortable participating. We'll finish our discussion on this book, hopefully, on September 12, 2005. We'd love to see you there.

The Reviewers